As the family grows/ kids get older or there is a feeling of space crunch, one thinks of shifting residence and moving into a bigger house. But then why shift from the house to a new location when one can avail home extension loan and reap a host of benefits. We list below a few benefits of taking a home extension loan:

1) It's easy to obtain

You can avail a home extension loan from your existing lender or a new lender you choose. It does not involve cumbersome documentation as your documents are already verified by your lender. A home extension loan can be availed easily without much hassle

2) No need to shift

Since you are already settled in your house and are accustomed to the surrounding neighbourhood, it becomes a challenging task to shift to entirely new location in pursuit of a bigger house. But with a home extension loan, you can add a room or a floor in your existing house and meet your additional space requirement without having to shift.

3) Tax benefits

You can avail the same tax benefits with a home extension loan that you get with your home loan.

4) Long tenure

Loan extension loans are also given for a long tenure just like a home loan. The repayment is also done through monthly EMIs.


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